This year we are raising money for the Arts and Athletics Club. Arts and Athletics Club is a non-profit organization located in the Exton mall that aims to get all people involved in creativity through special programs and events throughout the year.

For each $10 donation, receive a wristband with LEDs that sync with the show as a gift!

Our goal for 2023 is to raise $500.

This wristbands are reusable and will work whenever you come back. Be sure to switch them off once you leave to save the battery. They use replaceable watch batteries.

Here are the steps for getting a wristband:

Step 1: Make a donation directly to the organization here:
(send us a message if you'd prefer a cash donation)

Step 2: Message us on Facebook messenger or email us at with a copy/screenshot of the donation receipt.

Step 3: We will respond and coordinate getting the wristbands to you. If you are here right now during the show and we are available we can bring them out, or we can figure out something else!

Thank you for your support!